Sometimes beginner players who want to play PKV Games don’t know how to download and install this game application. There is a slight difference for installing the android and iOS versions. To be able to play this very popular game, players need to download it on their respective smartphones. How to? A tutorial is here to download as well as install.

Why this pkv game can be so popular and even mushroomed? Because this game can be played via the application on each smartphone. Before downloading, players must know a trusted pkv agent site. With the link, it will be easier to get the application.

The following is how to download the PKV games application via an Android smartphone and iOS.

How to Download Via an Android Mobile

Click the link to download this PKV Games apk for the android version.

When the player has clicked on the link, the file that will be downloaded is automatically downloaded to the cellphone. Wait for the download to complete.

After the download is complete, try to open the folder where the file is stored, try to find the download folder, after that the player can install the game application.

When an unknown source is written, the player can activate the button. Then check the words allow installation, then click ok.

Try to return to the previous page to click install

Wait a moment until the application is finished installing perfectly

If the application has been completely installed, try going to the front menu, then login with LOGIN SITE and type mandiriqq dotcom. Then, enter your username and password.

How to download Via iPhone or iOS

Actually, how to download on iPhone or iOS is almost the same as Android. Nevertheless some differences are there in the arrangement. The following is an explanation of how to download via iOS.

Try clicking the link to download the apk of this pkv game for iOS or iPhone.

When the download process starts, try to wait a few moments.

When it’s finished downloading, just go to the settings menu, then select device management. Just click it and the player will find Zhuhai hengqin writing with scholar management. Next, click trust.

Return to the menu, then try opening the game application. When it says login site, try filling in dot com, then enter your username and password.