With possibilities of different promo player cards on the horizon, it would seem that the latest release of Limited (LTD) Player Cards today may yet be the last of its ongoing promo.

In the latest LTD Player Card Pack introduced into Madden NFL 21, two incredible gridiron footballers have just had their in-game stats boosted to astronomical levels!

If you’re currently struggling in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), these players could definitely turn the tide for you – if you have sufficient MUT coins to boot.

So who are the lucky American footballers whom had just received a LTD Player Card boost this time around?

1) Raheem Mostert, HB (San Francisco 49ers, Limited Edition): OVR 98

– The 29-year old running back deserves the in-game stat boosts as his real-life exploits continue to showcase his dedication and hard work for his team, always able to make a dash or two through the opposition formations and line.

  • Speed, SPD (General): 98
  • Juke Move, JKM (Ball Carrier): 98
  • Break Tackle, BTK (Ball Carrier): 97
  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 97
  • Agility, AGI (General): 96
  • Change of Direction, COD (Ball Carrier): 96

2) Za’Darius Smith, LOLB (Green Bay Packers, Limited Edition): OVR 98

– Smith’s upgraded LTD Player Card makes him an elite linebacker in the game, potentially making him one of the most sought-after player cards as well as amongst the most expensive too. Still, if you’ve got plenty of those MUT coins stashed around, his phenomenal talents should definitely be enough to persuade you into buying him any time of the day.

  • Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 98
  • Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 98
  • Block Shedding, BSH (Run Defence): 97
  • Tackling, TAK (Run Defence): 97
  • Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 97
  • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 97

The outstanding values and rarities of these incredible player cards is evident for all to see, so you better be quick if you wish to have at least one of them in your present MUT squad in the game.

By 2nd May, both player cards will be lost forever (unless sold by others in the Auction House for potentially even higher prices).

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