The Nationwide Normal, Seal and Arms, then beneficial, which were adopted and finally accredited on January 25th, 1839, had been utilized by the Republic of Texas until its annexation to the United States when slight adjustments within the lettering have been made in the seal and coat of arms, the word “State” being substituted for “Republic.” “The State flag is similar as that of the Republic, really useful by the Senate committee of which Oliver Jones was 176 Texas Historical Association Quarterly. chairman. On February nineteenth, 1846, it protected the commerce and floated over the capital of the Republic; on that day, it was lowered to give place to the Stars and Stripes. The presentation of the design for this flag by Oliver Jones was the consummation of the dearest wish of his life, viz. : to see Texas represented amongst nations by her symbols of independence.

He continued to take a lively curiosity within the service of the Republic, and in 1845 was enrolled as a member of the Annexation Convention, which made Texas a State of the Union. Lengthy after his term of active service had expired, his counsel was valued and sought by those who formed the coverage of the new State. In particular person Oliver Jones was pleasing, being tall and erect in determine, of truthful complexion, and with common features. His broad, high forehead betokened intellectuality, whereas the kindly expression of his eyes tempered the firmness of his traces regarding the lower part of his face. His character was of a real form nature, however, of inflexible integrity; all the information or recollections of his life show his fierce dedication to discharge responsibility. When operating for the office, he was independent and outspoken as to his opinions.

Upon one occasion, when instructed that his attitude concerning certain questions wouldn’t be acceptable to some voters of his dis- trick, he sent them word that he would reasonably not be elected than to go into office by the votes of men who held views opposed to his own. Mrs. Anson Jones, a good old friend of his, tells some touching incidents to illustrate his kindness of coronary QEN escort profiles heart and generosity of nature. His friendship was of the sort that isn’t content with spoken proofs but, wherever possible, resolved itself into action which bore speedy outcomes. On one occasion, at an interval of great sorrow and distress in Mrs. Jones’s family, when he couldn’t attain them straight on account of swollen streams, he rode on horseback fifty miles round, to tender his sympathy and monetary assist, ought to she stand in want of such help. Oliver Jones first met his spouse at Austin, then the seat of government, in 1840. Her maiden name was Rebecca Greenleaf.